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Our Success Stories!!

Roger Mouton

His life is a great success story for the ProPeace Project. He is completely reconciled with his family, (his wife and three children) He has been set free from drug addiction (dagga and mandrax) and gangsterism, and he is a role model for the remaining ProPeace mediators and new recruits. 

He successfully completed the ProPeace Training and the Restorative Justice Programme presented by NICRO in November, 2012 and was completely reconciled with his wife and grandmother on Family Day.

He presently lives with and supports his wife and three children in Peerless Park East, Kraaifontein, and has an excellent new job as a trainee artisan in one of the leading engineering firms in Cape Town.

When I spoke to his employer recently, he was very impressed with Roger’s performance. He described Roger as reliable, dedicated, punctual, a remarkably quick learner, and a very productive worker with a great future at the engineering firm.

He will be used in future ProPeace meetings as a motivational speaker to new young recruits and will also counsel young addicts on the dangers of substance abuse.

Roger, who is an excellent journalist, has been nominated, along with Rev Hillton Dennis, Godfrey Papier, and Marvin to serve on the WECCO web design and maintenance team and to design an electronic weekly newsletter for WECCO. 



Thurlow & Jessica Martin with

the twins, John & Peter

I come from a family of six, currently 5 because my father  passed on to be with the Lord Jesus Christ. At this present moment it is my mother(Daphne Martin),my baby brother(Jason Martin),my eldest brother(Oswin Martin) and my sister(Janine Hartnick); we all grew up in Mitchell’s Plain, Rocklands.

I am married to my wife, Jessica, and we have two beautiful baby twins, John and Peter.

Let me tell you a little bit about where I come from and what the Lord has done for me.I grew up in a family that was well off; we had our own big 4 bedroom house and my father was an owner of two businesses at that time.

As time went on for whatever reason we could not afford the house we were living in, and then we needed to move out and because of this tragic experience for the whole family, we had no choice but to move in with my grandma (Lydia Hartnick). It was at this point my father became very ill and could not afford to work. This however caused a dent in our family’s financial position and living with our granny caused some problems amongst the family.

Due to these problems, we eventually got a 3 bedroom house to rent through the Grace of God and my whole Family could live in that house together (in Westridge Mitchell’s Plain). We were two months in that house when my father passed away to be with the Lord Jesus Christ; it was a tragic shock to the whole family to lose a father figure and bread winner without a warning sign or a goodbye.

All of this happened to me at the age of 15 years old. Hereafter, my life became reckless and out of control; at this age I started experimenting with Chrystal meth (Tik) and in that same year nine months down the line, I was a confused messed up young boy addicted to Tik. My mom could not handle it any more yet she never stopped praying for me. Nine months later, I went away to my first Rehab in Tulbugh, a place between Ceres and Saron.

Whilst being on the programme I received news that my mom could not afford to pay the rent of the house in Westridge and that all her children were scattered abroad in different directions and it was arranged for me to live with the director Mr Sydney Dicks. So I lived in the Rehab for almost a year. My life continued with the insanity of drug addiction for 7 years on heroin.

Because of the con

dition my family was in, I lived all over Cape Town. I lived most of my life in Rehab centres because I lived a life of insanity doing the same thing over and over. Today, I understand that there is a Great Big God that loves me so His hand of protection was on me up until today. I accepted Jesus Christ into my life. There is so much more I can tell about my life, but all that I can say is that there was and is purpose in my pain and experience. I realized it’s not about me, it’s all about God and the plan God has for the nations today. I’m a living testimony that God is able to do Great and Mighty things.

I am married to Jessica and we are blessed with TWO wonderful, healthy boys, John and Peter, who were born on the 8th of January, 2013.

I should have been dead today, fatherless and homeless, but God had compassion on me. I should have lost my MIND but God finally interrupted my miserable life and turned it around for His honour and Glory; all of the Glory goes to God the Father who sent His only Son Jesus Christ to Die for a lost and confused sinner like me who is full of mistakes and insecurities; yes, God did Great things for me.